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Sky Crossing Homes For Sale 

Taylor Morrison and Pulte Homes Building a Master Planned Community in North Phoenix

Taylor Morrison Astarea (Gated)

Pulte Astarea (Gated)

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The future site of the proposed elementary school in Sky Crossing. 

Latest News:

Taylor Morrison Astarea >  Venture II models will open this Saturday the 21st of July. Summit models will open in about a month.


Pulte Astarea  In the Estates Series at Astarea at Sky Crossing

We are releasing Lot 85 (see attached map) in the Estates at Astarea for a price of $30,000.  It is the largest lot in the entire community and it is designated for a Parklane Model.  Please let me know if you are interested, as we will be selling it within the next few days. If you are, please call or email me back and I will add you to the list of buyers.

In the Monarch Series at Astarea at Sky Crossing

The Monarch Series at Astarea at Sky Crossing will be releasing Lot 24 at a price of $75,000 which is approximately 14,600 sq. size. It backs to opens space with full view fencing and it will be released next Saturday the 18th.  We still have Lot 9 available at a price of $25,000 and it is 12,700 sq. ft.

Taylor Morrison >  The next release of home sites will be Saturday August 4th at 11am.  We will be releasing 8 home sites in Discovery, but will be limited to only selling 5 of those 8 home sites.  In the Passage Collection, we have 6 currently available home sites and will be adding 5 more. Discovery:Lot 2     (5,175sf) - $0 Lot 84   (5,175sf) - $3,500 Lot 85   (5,175sf) - $5,000 Lot 87   (5,175sf) - $0 Lot 112 (5,175sf) - $2,500 Lot 131 (5,175sf) - $3,500 Lot 137 (5,175sf) - $0 Lot 138 (5,175sf) - $0

Passage:Lot 10   (9,266sf) - $0Lot 11   (9,266sf) - $0Lot 29   (9,312sf) - $3,000 (single level only)Lot 44   (8,993sf) - $3,800Lot 54   (8,985sf) - $24,000     

 Pulte >


Taylor Morrison Discovery Collection   (lots around 5200 sq ft)

Taylor Morrison Passage Collection  (lots around 9000 sq ft)

Pulte Cypress Series

Pulte Cactus Series

Pulte Majesty Series

There are 44 single family home designs, 1225 single family homes in all. Pulte will build a total of 648.There will be no commercial buildings on the NW corner of Deer Valley Road and Black Mountain Blvd. No citrus trees will be allowed per the CC&R's. 14 SEER AC unit is standard at Taylor Morrison along with a soft water loop. Zip code will be 85050. Centurylink and Cox will be the internet providers. Taylor Morrison does not offer fire sprinklers. Pulte may possibly on the Majesty Series. Pulte sales office will be in the Quinlan model. Taylor Morrison in the Adelaide./>

CC&R's: Window treatments have to be up within 4 months and you can't use sheets! Portable basketball goals have to be stored so as not to be visible from neighboring property and permanent basketball goals or backboards are permitted. Jungle gyms, swing sets or similar equipment need HOA approval. Rentals of homes must be for a minimum of 6 months. No street parking. Dogs are only permitted to leave an owners lot when they are on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Zip code will be 85050 for the entire community. If you want to talk to the Pulte salespeople for Astarea let me know and I will set up a time that is good for you.

If Kathy or I do not accompany you on your first visit to the sales office, we cannot provide you with any help during the purchase process. The builders sales person is an employee of the builder. We can help you navigate the process and show you  areas you can save money. Our assistance costs you nothing and you pay the same for the home whether you have reresentation or not. 480-330-0735 for Doug  480-703-4823 for Kathy. We are always available during this important time. Pulte Prior to bidding you need to sit down at an interview - we need to join you at that. Based on what we learned we can add significant value to your bottom line.If you have a certain model in mind, you can go through the options and costs and come out with a much better understanding of what you would spend.HOA dues will be around $240 a month for gated and $112 a month non-gated.

According to the builders narrative, Black Mountain Boulevard is approved for 140 feet in width with 104 feet paved. Deer Valley Road is approved for 130 feet wide with 94 feet paved. There will be an 8 foot high wall between the northern boundary of the community and the National Memorial Cemetary. The grade of the land is sloped from northeast to southwest and drops 50 feet in height. Stoplights will be at Reach 11 and Sky Crossing Way, 32nd St and Deer Valley Road (main entrance) and Black Mountain Boulevard and Rough Rider Road ( Sky Crossing Way west of Black mountain Boulevard). Landscape tracts will be 40 feet along Black Moutain boulevard and 50 feet along Deer Valley Road.  Although the development is NOT part of the Desert Ridge Master Plan, Sky Crossing has been annexed as part of PVUSD. Until the new elementary school is open those students will be attending Wildfire Elementary. The community land and hardscapes will resemble Aviano and Fireside. The community center will look and be very similar to the Aviano/Fireside centers. The gated area (outlined by yellow) amenity center is where the #4 is on the map. Sky Crossing will have perimeter walls just like Aviano and Fireside. Once parcel 16 & 11 for TM and 6,7 & 8 for Pulte are complete, TM will move on to parcels 10 & 13.


Model Street Lineup: