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Aviano at Desert Ridge is a 400 acre community built by Toll Brothers during 2004-08. Consisting of 902 single family homes (and 364 condominium units in an area called The Villages), there are 30 different floor plans offered, 15 two story and 15 single story and some with basements, ranging from 2340 to over 6800 square feet. The award winning Aviano community center features a heated pool and spa, basketball, sport and tennis courts, a large indoor/outdoor gathering area with fireplace and commercial kitchen, banquet room, weight and cardio rooms. There is a large park to the north adjacent to the Vestar Branch Boys and Girls Club and top-rated Wildfire Elementary School. Doug & Kathy live here and know Desert Ridge. Doug was the first resident President of the Aviano HOA. You won't find a more experienced or knowledgeable team of real estate professionals to help you. Whether buying or selling a home in Aviano, give us a call @480-330-0735 or email [email protected] 

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Ocotillo Collection Models

San Benito   Floorplan   3/2.5/2985   2 story   VIDEO         
Brezza   Floorplan   3/2.5/3359   2 story VIDEO
Strada  Floorplan  2CG   3/2.5/3278   2 story   VIDEO
Cassero   Floorplan  3/2.5/3278   2 story  VIDEO
La Bella   Floorplan   3/2.5/3666   2 story   VIDEO
Velez   Floorplan   4/2.5/3785   2 story    VIDEO
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Cassia Collection Models - All single story homes

Venezia   Floorplan   2/2.5/2414   
La Villa   Floorplan   2/2/2341
Montoro   Floorplan   2/2.5/2624   VIDEO
Serrantina   Floorplan  2/3.5/2642   VIDEO
Solaria   Floorplan   3/3.5/2791   VIDEO
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Palo Verde Collection Models

Tarragona   Floorplan   3/2.5/2735   1 story   VIDEO
Borrego   Floorplan   4/3.5/2991   2 story   VIDEO
Blanca   Floorplan   3/2.5/3212   2 story  VIDEO
Mirasol   Floorplan   4/3.5/3564   2 story  
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Desert Willow Collection Models

Buena   Floorplan   3/2.5/3054   1 story
San Felice   Floorplan   3/2.5/3721   2 story
Monteloma   Floorplan   3/2.5/3169   1 story
Savino   Floorplan   3/3.5/3466   1 story   VIDEO
Tercera   Floorplan   4/3.5/3963   2 story   VIDEO
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Cottonwood Collection Models

La Verna   Floorplan   4/3.5/3098   1 story
Escalante   Floorplan   4/3.5/3995   1 story
Del Oro   Floorplan   3/3.5/4221   2 story
San Mateo   Floorplan   3/2.5/3402   2 story
Terraza   Floorplan   5/4.5/4639   2 story   VIDEO
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Mesquite Collection Models

Anguilla   Floorplan   4/2.5/3852   2 story
Andorra   Floorplan   3/2.5/3670   1 story
Melilla   Floorplan   3/2.5/3744   1 story
Mirador   Floorplan   4/4.5/5125   2 story   VIDEO
Venado   Floorplan   3/3.5/4168   1 story
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