Doug and Kathy Ingersoll
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Hi Doug,

I received your card and the check for the garage sale proceeds a few days ago.  Thank you, but I wanted you to know that

I will not be cashing the check.  I'm am sorry that I'm not in AZ to thank you both personally.  Please use the proceeds and

take Kathy out to lunch on me for all of your hard work.  I sincerely appreciated all of the effort that you put in  to help me complete

the sale of the property, especially during the last week coordinating all of the repairs.  You can be sure that anyone whom I come

across with a real estate interest in Phoenix will be directed your way.  Thank you again, and best wishes to you, Kathy and and your family.



Thank you Doug, Purchasing and closing a deal with the wrong counterpart could be a nightmare. Buyers and
their  Realtors should all have the opportunity to close a deal  with seasoned, honest  and great professionals
like you and Kathy.   -Jose

Thanks so for being one of the smoothest realtors I've come across in a while. It's a pleasure to work with you.
Something I rarely get to say in my daily routine!!  -David (Realtor)

Kathy, thanks for making the sale of my townhouse as painless as possible! You have been a wonderful friend
to me.    -Amanda

We were very grateful for all of your assistance in purchasing our house on Freemont. You went above and
beyond what was necessary or expected. As an added bonus, you were great to work with.    -Glen & Kristie

Thank you for all of the extra help & expertise these last few months! We appreciate it.    -Erik & Diane

Thank you for everything! We are so happy to get the house! You have been so patient and very efficient!
Thank your family too as they have given up their time for you to help us.  You are a great agent and a great
friend!   -Bob and Sandy

Words seem inadequate as I attempt to thank you for your expertise, patience, kindness, and professionalism
in trying to help us locate a home in Phoenix. I vote you "Realtor of the Year". Again, thanks a million for all
you did to try to get us there.    -Ken & Vicki

Many thanks for all your help in making our Arizona home become a reality.  Dorothy and Don

We truly appreciate all of your ongoing support "after the sale". We can't thank you enough for all you have
done to help us find the right place and get it set up. Your dedication and thoughtfulness made the Real Estate
transaction enjoyable.    -Loretta & Tom

We enjoyed working with you over the past few years - you were very attuned to our likes & dislikes. This
house seems like very good fit.    -Karen

We built the house at Aviano when Toll Brothers developed the area in 2006. Aviano has been the one of the
hottest spot in Phoenix. After moving into the house, we needed to get updated what it going on around our
community. That's how I first found about Doug & Kathy Aviano Blog by googling. The blog was the best resource
for us to find information about everything related to the house and the community. They were very quick and
consistent with keeping the blog updated. I learned they also built the house in Aviano from their blog. Therefore
they are very knowledgeable about the area and know all the history of Aviano. This was the main reason why I
contacted them when we needed to sell our house to move to Southlake Texas. Secondly, one of my concern was
that the house will be empty while it is on the market. I wanted to have a realtor who can take care of the house well.
Because they are also living in Aviano, it was perfect for them to check the house regularly. While the house was empty,
they managed the landscaping service to keep the yard looks good. They even came to the house put some blankets over
trees and protected the water pipes when there was freeze warnings. They always emailed me potential buyers and realtors
feedback whenever someone looked at the house. There are so many other things that they did. From the day one to the
closing day, I can't ask anything more than what they provided to me. I highly recommend anyone who is going to sell or buy
a house in Aviano to contact them. You will have the best realtor!!!!!