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Sky Crossing Homes For Sale

Pricing Announced When Sales Office Opens

Sky Crossing will be a 1200-1600 new home community built by Pulte and Taylor Morrison / Location is west of Black Mountain Boulevard and north of Deer Valley Road       Videos     

The sales office will open sometime in 2018.  There is no definitive list of homes that will be available. The availability of tradesmen and the cost of the construction materials will determine price and build time. Deer Valley Road is undergoing a major year long improvement that started in July 2017. To the south of Deer Valley road is the Ashton Woods built community of Estates at Ridgeview which is just west of 32nd Street. This will be one of the entrances to sky Crossing. The main road will join Deer Valley Road opposite Reach 11. It looks as if the west and south side of the property will be developed first The prices will likely be fixed a week prior to the opening of a sales office.

The 410 acre parcel of land at the NW corner of Black Mountain Pkwy and Deer Valley Rd is a joint venture between Taylor Morrison (Sanctuary) and Pulte (Fireside). The land is zoned for 15 parcels consisting of 9 different single family detached home products ranging from 1500-5000 sq ft of living space. There will be gated and non gated sections, amenity centers, pocket parks, and an elementary school. 

Although the development is NOT part of the Desert Ridge Master Plan, Sky Crossing has been annexed as part of PVUSD. Until the new elementary school is open those students will be attending Wildfire Elementary. The community land and hardscapes will resemble Aviano and Fireside. The community center will look and be very similar to the Aviano/Fireside centers. The gated area will be the maroon area of the map and mostly single story. Builders lots will be intermingled. Sky Crossing will have perimeter walls just like Aviano and Fireside. The existing power lines will be buried.

A Note About New Home Sales

Something you do three or four times in your life that involves hundreds of thousands of dollars is not something you should do without help. If you are considering a new home in Sky Crossing you should contact me. If you walk into the sales office without a Realtor I cannot give you help and representation during the negotiation with the builder. I can help you through the home buying process and will represent your interests alone. In the past I have helped many folks through this process and understand the questions to ask, opportunities for discounts and upgrades that you will not be aware of otherwise. As your Realtor I look out for your financial interests. There are lots of forms, questions and opportunities to make costly decisions - I can explain the various parts of the builders contract and addenda so that you are aware of each of the issues during the purchase.

From contract education to final walk through and everything in between, I will look after your best interests - financial and otherwise. I know the questions to ask to ensure your experience with the build process is a positive one. You pay nothing for my help. The builder has money allocated into the cost structure of each home. You will have all the options on lending and get alternative loan estimates to compare with the builders in house lending department. Just as in buying a car, there are many ways to save. Work with me and I will guide you through all of this and explain everything in plain language. Make the right choice: let me accompany you on your first visit to the sales office and from there on I can be your independent advocate. I can save you thousands of dollars!